Natasha Kollosche - Civil Celebrant - Gold Coast Australia

Other Ceremonies

There are many occasions in life that are worth celebrating. As well as weddings, I am able to assist and arrange the following ceremonies for you and your loved ones…

Vow Renewal Ceremony

When you spend many years together, it is important to celebrate the milestones of your relationship. It is an opportunity to reflect on your achievements and the learning you have undertaken together, to thank one another for the years and to congratulate each other on your love and dedication to the relationship. A renewal of vows also confirms your commitment to your partner for years to come.

Your renewal of vows ceremony can be whatever you wish it to be... involve your children in commemorating such a special occasion, as well as your friends and family. Honour the love you have given one another through out the years and pledge a life with them for the future. Or perhaps you would prefer to renew your commitment 'elopement' style!

Commitment Ceremony

Some couples prefer to exchange vows and share the commitment and love you have for each other in the presence of your family and friends without actually legalising your union. Having a ceremony with your life companion acknowledges the deep, shared commitment you have for one another.

Commitment Ceremonies are carefully planned and like a wedding ceremony may include readings, a statement of commitment, the exchanging of rings or other symbols of love and song. I am here to assist you to create a truly meaningful and memorable ceremony.